Contact Information:

Dr. Cheryl Baduini

Joint Science Department

WM Keck Science Center

Office B13

925 North Mills Avenue

Claremont, CA 91711   

(909) 621-8816


What can we learn from ocean life?...

  • What are the similarities and differences between tropical and temperate marine environments?  What marine life can be found in coral reefs, tide pools, kelp forests, and mangroves? 
  • What secrets exist in the DNA of marine animals, and how do we unlock them? 
  • Seabirds migrate around the world, yet always return to where they were born to nest.  How do they find their way, find hotspots of productivity, and what do their routes tell us about climate?

These topics and many more are examined in my classes, labs and research projects.  Click on the menu picks at left to begin exploring!