Contact Information:

Dr. Cheryl Baduini

Joint Science Department

WM Keck Science Center

Office B13

925 North Mills Avenue

Claremont, CA 91711   

(909) 621-8816



Areas of Research Interest

I study aspects of marine ecology, population genetics, and behavioral ecology, and in particular the foraging and reproductive biology of higher marine vertebrates.  My areas of focus include:

  • Population genetics of seabirds

  • Using DNA Analysis to define populations and determine gender
  • Influences of climate and weather on marine populations
  • Nutritional condition and lipid utilization in seabirds
  • Stable isotope and fatty acid analysis in foraging ecology

My current research projects include study of:

  • Geographic structure among Sooty Shearwater populations from the eastern and western Pacific Ocean using mitochondrial DNA
  • Use of molecular techniques for gender identification in seabirds
  • Tracking the trans-equatorial movements and migration of Sooty Shearwaters using satellite telemetry
  • Population structure and sex bias of Ashy Storm-petrels off the Southern California Channel Islands
  • Use of diet, stable isotope, and fatty acid analysis to observe transfer of nutrients to Short-tailed Shearwaters in the Southeastern Bering Sea ecosystem
  • Quantifying Black-footed Albatross habitats and overlap with longline fisheries: reducing bycatch off California and across the North Pacific

See my CV for past research projects.