Contact Information:

Dr. Cheryl Baduini

Joint Science Department

WM Keck Science Center

Office B13

925 North Mills Avenue

Claremont, CA 91711   

(909) 621-8816




I always emphasize a hands-on experience for students.  Getting direct experience with the ocean, both at-sea and on shore, is critical to the learning experience.  And luckily this is a benefit we can readily enjoy here in California.   Some of the hands-on learning opportunities for my students are:

  • Cool boat trips to get at-sea experience
  • Field trips to Catalina and other key habitats
  • Tropical Ecology Course in Costa Rica
  • Relevant lab work that ties it all together

See the photos below, and in the gallery, for examples of the above. 

In addition to classwork, each year I sponsor a few students for senior thesis projects.  Here's a list of prior Senior Thesis Students and some of their research projects.