Thesis Opportunities

Senior Thesis Opportunities with Dr. Donald McFarlane
Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

In addition to the projects outlined below, I am willing to consider well thought-out proposals in the area of general mammalogy, field-based ecology, ecological modeling, and paleontology. I will also co-supervise Geology/Earth Sciences projects developed in collaboration with colleagues in the Depts. of Geology (Pomona), or Environmental Analysis.


Uranium Leaching at an Abandoned Mine, Mojave Desert

The New Method mine is an small, abandoned uranium mine near Amboy in the Mojave Desert. This project would involved #D mapping of the mine talus by "drone" photogrammetry, followed by laboratory analysis of potentially leached uranium in surrounding desert plants and soil.(2 semesters)


Naturally Occurring Fluorine levels in Tea

The tea plant, Camelia sinesis, is know to preferentially accumulate fluorine ions. In areas of appropriate geology and soil chemistry, accumulated fluorine levels can reach levels of concern.  This project will involve laboratory determination of fluorine in a variety of tea samples from different countries. (1 semester)



Assessment of a California Bat Population Size by Quantitative Video Analysis.

Very large bat populations in caves are notoriously difficult to quantify. This project will examine video footage of the exodus of bats from a roost in Riverside County, determine flight speed and "flux rate", to derive a statistically supportable estimate of total population size.

(1 semester; Fall only). Requires transport to make ~ 3 visits to the roost in September.