Marion Ruth Preest, Ph.D.



Present Position

Joint Science Department                 

The Claremont Colleges          

Claremont, CA 91711

Phone: (909) 607 8014

FAX: (909) 621 8588



1993, Ph.D., Ecology and Systematics, Cornell University, USA

1988, M.S., Ecology and Systematics, Cornell University, USA

1985, B.Sc. (Hons), Zoology, Otago University, NZ


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Fields of Research Interest

  • Physiology and Ecology of Animal Energetics
  • Thermal Biology of Terrestrial Ectotherms
  • Osmoregulatory Physiology
  • Herpetology
  • Muscle Physiology

Courses Currently Taught

  • Comparative Physiology
  • Vertebrate Physiology Lab
  • Physiological Ecology
  • Herpetology
  • Concepts in Biology
  • Introductory Biology Lab

Representative Publications

Mendelson, J.R., III, J.B. Pramuk, R. Gagliardo, A. Pessier, B.B. Rothermel, K.C. Zippel, C. Bevier, M.R. Preest, and B. Crother.  2009.    Considerations and  recommendations for raising live amphibians in classrooms.  Herp. Review 40:142-144.

Preest, M.R. and A. Cree.  2008.  Corticosterone treatment has subtle effects on thermoregulatory behavior and raises metabolic rate in the New Zealand common gecko, Hoplodactylus maculatus. Physiol. Biochem. Zool. 81: 641-650.

Preest, M.R., C.L. Tyrrell, and A. Cree. 2005. ACTH-induced stress response during pregnancy in a viviparous gecko: No observed effect on offspring quality. J. Exp. Zool. 303A: 823-835.  

Preest, M.R., R. J. Gonzalez, and R. Wilson. 2005. A pharmacological examination of Na+ and Cl- transport in two species of freshwater fish. Physiol. Biochem. Zool. 78: 259-272

Cree, A, C.L. Tyrrell, M.R. Preest, D. Thorburn, and L.J. Guillette, Jr. 2003. Protecting embryos from stress: corticosterone effects and the corticosterone response to capture and confinement during pregnancy in a live-bearing lizard (Hoplodactylus maculatus). Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 134: 316-329.

Preest, M.R., D. Folk, and C.A. Beuchat. 2003. Decomposition of nitrogenous compounds by intestinal bacteria in hummingbirds. The Auk 120: 1091-1101.

Preest, M.R. and F.H. Pough. 2003. Effects of body temperature and hydration state on organismal performance of toads, Bufo americanus. Physiol. Biochem. Zool. 76: 229-239.

Meyer, V.M., M.R. Preest, and S.M. Lochetto. 2002. Autotomy and predator defense in lizards: Is a regenerated tail as effective as the original? Herpetologica 58: 75-86.

Beuchat, C.A., M.R. Preest, and E.J. Braun. 1999. Glomerular and medullary architecture in the kidney of Anna’s hummingbird. J. Morph. 240: 95-100.

Gonzalez, R.J. and M.R. Preest. 1999. Ionoregulatory specializations for exceptional tolerance of ion-poor acidic waters in the neon tetra (Paracheirodon innesi). Physiol. Biochem. Zool. 72: 156-163.

Pough, F.H., M.R. Preest, and M.H. Fusari. 1997. Prey-handling and the evolutionary ecology of sand-swimming lizards (Lerista: Scincidae). Oecol. 112: 351-361.

Preest, M.R. and C.A. Beuchat. 1997. Ammonia excretion by hummingbirds. Nature 386: 561-562.

Preest, M.R. 1993. Mechanisms of growth rate reduction in acid-exposed larval salamanders, Ambystoma maculatum. Physiol. Zool. 66: 686-707.